Auger / XPS

Used when a surface specific analysis is required. For example, non-wetting of solder to a Gold surface. SEM/EDS cannot be used for surface analysis due to depth of penetration regardless of the KV used. This technique may also be used to quantify Oxide thickness and contaminants in plated deposits.

Auger, (pronounced Oh Jay), is an analytical technique that uses a primary electron beam to probe the surface of a solid material. Secondary electrons that are emitted as a result of this test process are analyzed and their kinetic energy is determined. This test process requires three electrons and starts with removal of an inner shell atomic electron to form a vacancy. The inner shell vacancy is filled by a second atomic electron from a higher shell. Energy must be simultaneously released. A third electron, the Auger electron, escapes carrying the excess energy. Auger will identify the elements present but not the molecular state, see XPS.